12.06.16 | Become a Warrior of love: „Gordic Knot“ and Midwife Technic of Teaching

What would the world have become, if Alexander would have mastered solving the mysterious complexity of the gordic knot by the sword of his mind instead by the blade of his weapon and physical strength?

complement – I chose this scene not the whole film, because of verry good reasons – become a martyrian (this is what the whole story is ending in) is not a sign of beeing „heroic“. It’s a sign of misunderstanding the situation before and therefore a sign of fail the goal of leading it wisely…

Invitation and Muttivation: Become a warrior of love –
this is a wonderful Video about teaching in socratic way of teaching using the midwife technic, what means – leaving predictions and proclaiming scopes behind, have seen it a several times in the last years. But neither nor – it’s a story about best practice of teaching (in some situations):

11.06.2016 | words to the weekend from your foolosopher

Isn’t it sad? So many people around the age of 50 call theirselfs boys or girls, try to start new with the next oportunity at the next oportunity – again and again and over again. The’re having the habits of runaways and give you tipps, how to find brandnew friends on the market and create yourself someone new – „more attractive (– to them?)“. They’ld love to picture theirselfs as leftbehindtheoddbooringunglamerouslifeandfriends – searching in the wrong direction over and over again. How often? I’m sick of people as Aristotle called them. I prefer personalities much more – this are couraged persons facing their own responsibilties, searching wisdom and love. They care for them who care for them and that’s the decision of honesty. If they face a hint in their heart to face you, they try hard to fix it. It makes me deeply sad, that there are grownups in the age of this, which don’t understand that honour is not a matter to be honoured but taking the lessons of life to hold the line – comes rain, comes shine. Please don’t disturb me anymore – if you’ll promise enough, you’ll find enough claquere everywhere and if you can’t forgive yourself, there will be someonelse in the catalogue of oportunities, who will do this for you – so why worry – absolutly everything is ok. Feel free to stay into your prison, go and order pizza if you’re hungry.

I’ve lost my patience to someone like this, this is a matter of selfrespect if you recognise that you’re not respected. In my garden there is no place for weak grownups anymore – persons of bad taste and stoned hearts.
The funny thing is – if they’ll look back once, they will not find you there anymore because you’re miles away in front of them.

I once had been tested (aged 11) – there had been two answers and I was pushed to take one of it –
1. I never lie
2. I allways lie

What do you think I did?
What would you have done?

The answer is a sign of a strong character.

Shalom, Salam, Peace

I found this wonderful piece upside down on a parkingplace at an island in my beloved baltic sea. It’s a stoned animal ἐχῖνος that lived around 70 Billion years ago. In comparison – oldest human fossils are dated 200.000 years old.

The evening before

My Granny from my mothers side taught me that song at the age of four, when we made a summervisit at the place, where this side of family comes from. I think that had been the day, when she allowed me to take of my close shoes and walk barefoot on the wet asphalt and I found my first thunderbolt… She also was the person, who showed me Venus as the first star before dark night rise at the sky of the northern hemisphere. Since then I’m orientated night and day…
I really don’t know, what I will feel or think tomorrow, but today I think, if grownups – calling theirselfs friends or family – turn away and show their backside, when you’re in deep trouble, because they are not able to handle an interruption of their plans and they don’t even feel contrition but blame you after you companied them with good thoughts and patience for nearly a lifetime – let them go, they’ll not even miss you, because at that moment, they cut their memories and you’ll not have the ability to give it back to them. It’s their own decision. They have no meaning what friendship or family means.
From now on, I know, who are my friends and who is family and I really hope I’ll remember this – this are human beings who knows, what a lifetime work means. They don’t hit you like their dogs for the fears they feel.
So I say: If – art is beautiful, but does much work – love is the most elaborated form of art and work and the only way to find deep success, some of us need more than one lifetime to understand this. It’s not not a matter of finding it in someonelse but inside yourself and if you don’t have the strength to face yourself, you’ll never find it and after a while you’ll check out the next options, but exactly then you should work on it. The masterpiece of life is love. To whom, which understood this – carry your porcelain carefully. <3 <3 <3
Karla Valentina
For the other ones – go and find your personality in an ashtray. Good luck in the path of awakening, hope, you might will not hit too hard.
Teach your children well:
1. Strophe
Es regnet, es regnet, die Erde wird nass!
Und wenn’s genug geregnet hat, dann wächst auch wieder Gras!
2. Strophe
Es regnet, es regnet, es regnet seinen Lauf!
Und wenn’s genug geregnet hat, dann hört’s auch wieder auf!
3. Strophe
Es regnet, es regnet, was kümmert uns das!
Wir sitzen im Trocknen, und werden nicht nass!