12.06.16 | Become a Warrior of love: „Gordic Knot“ and Midwife Technic of Teaching

What would the world have become, if Alexander would have mastered solving the mysterious complexity of the gordic knot by the sword of his mind instead by the blade of his weapon and physical strength?

complement – I chose this scene not the whole film, because of verry good reasons – become a martyrian (this is what the whole story is ending in) is not a sign of beeing „heroic“. It’s a sign of misunderstanding the situation before and therefore a sign of fail the goal of leading it wisely…

Invitation and Muttivation: Become a warrior of love –
this is a wonderful Video about teaching in socratic way of teaching using the midwife technic, what means – leaving predictions and proclaiming scopes behind, have seen it a several times in the last years. But neither nor – it’s a story about best practice of teaching (in some situations):

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